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VAN DE POL is an authorized distributor of Eastman turbo oils. With every can, you receive proven performancereliable supply, and expert technology support. Eastman turbo oils offer billions of hours of proven performance. Whether you need a leading high-performance oil, better engine health, reliable performance across a wide temperature range, advanced APU performance, or an oil formulated specifically for helicopters, you’ll find an Eastman turbo oil that’s right for your fleet and your bottom line.

Eastman is proud to offer a variety of industry-leading turbine engine oils and services that meet the demands of the aviation industry. To help you select the right products for your fleet, view industry approvals by application.

“We wanted to get all of our turbo oil from the same supplier, including a high-performance oil that would serve our newer aircraft. We also needed a more efficient supply network. Eastman has proven to be the right partner to help us do both.”

—Adil Jalali Technical director at Royal Air Maroc


Which turbo oil is right for your fleet? Tell us more about your turbo oil needs, and we can help you soar to new heights.

Eastman Turbo Oil 2197™

Optimal engine cleanliness—Better engine health due to best-in-class thermal stability
Improved engine reliability—Excellent lubrication performance from mild to severe operating environments
Longer fluid life—Best-in-class hydrolytic and thermal stability helps prevent oil breakdown

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Eastman Turbo Oil 2380™

Avoid premature diode failures—Optimal electrical conductivity provides reliable generator performance
Reduced hard starts—Engine can be started at low temperatures without fear of wear issues
Maximum bearing protection—Best-in-class load-carrying ability

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Eastman Turbo Oil 2389™

Reduced hard starts—Engine can be started at low temperatures without fear of wear issues
Trusted solution—Meets or exceeds the requirements of U.S. Military specification MIL-PRF-7808 Grade 3
Advanced APU performance–Provides excellent “cold soak” reliability in aircraft APUs

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Eastman Turbo Oil 25™

Optimal transmission and gearbox life—High gear load-carrying capability protects against wear in critical systems
Reliable performance—Proven performance in helicopter transmissions and enhanced gear wear protection

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Eastman HALO 157™

Advanced transmission and gearbox protection—High gear load-carrying capability resists wear in critical systems
Dependable protection—Corrosion resistance provides essential component protection

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