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Better your environment and your fleet with Van De Pol Petroleum and Neste MY Renewable Diesel. We can deliver you an entirely renewable and sustainable fuel that delivers performance superior to diesel while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a CARB approved direct drop in replacement for diesel (ASTM D975), switching doesn’t require any additional costs.

The benefits of Neste MY Renewable Diesel include:

  • Superior Performance: A high cetane number of 75-85 ensures clean and efficient combustion resulting in greater engine performance and fewer harmful emissions
  • Easy Conversion: Compatible with current fuel storage and distribution infrastructure. Neste MY Renewable diesel is suitable for all diesel engines, requiring absolutely no additional investment
  • Reduces Costs: Creates less soot that clogs DPF’s, reducing your fleet’s maintenance costs while increasing fuel economy 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% and significantly reduces tailpipe emissions
  • Odorless & Colorless: Free of sulfur, oxygen and aromatics

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