Lee Atwater

Board Chairman

Lee is a founder of California Fuels, Inc. which merged with Van De Pol Petroleum in 1993. He is a past president (1979) of the California Independent Oil Marketer’s Association (CIOMA) and past General Chair (1983) of the Pacific Oil Conference (POC).

Ron Van De Pol


Ron joined the company in 1981 and was appointed President/CEO in 1993.  He is a past president (2005) of CIOMA and Past General Chair (2011-12) of POC.  He currently serves as president of the Alliance Petroleum Corp.

David Atwater

General Manager

David joined California Fuels, Inc. in 1981.  He is a past president (1995) of CIOMA, past General Chair (1995) of the POC and a current member of the Society of Independent Oil Marketers Association (SIGMA).

Jon Rosman

Vice President – Branded Fuels

Jon joined the company in 2000 and has 25+ years of experience in retail station development for major oil companies.

Curtis Thornhill

Vice President – Commercial Sales

Curtis joined the company in 2006 and has 20+ years of experience in sales and distribution in the petroleum industry.

Scott MacEwan

Chief Financial Officer

Scott rejoined Van De Pol in 2013 after serving as the company’s CFO from 2006-2011.


Tom Van De Pol


Tom joined Van De Pol in 1986. He is a past president (2016) of CIOMA and served on that board from 2009-2017.